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Orlando Salido wins huge war by big knockout




TIJUANA, Mexico - Orlando Salido knocked out Terdsak Kokietgym in the 11th roundafter being dropped three times tonight. Salido won the all out war this Saturday in Tijuana, Mexico winning the interim-WBO super featherweight title.

Azteca Promotions was also triumph tonight as all three fighters defended themselves by defeating their opponents.


Alejandro ‘Cobrita’ Gonzalez (24-1-2, 15 KO’s) went 8 rounds with Alen Robles who managed to drop Cobrita twice during the night. But Cobrita managed to dominate most of the fight as he was awarded the win by unanimous decision.   


Pedro ‘Lil Pete’ Duran (8-0, 5 KO’s) had a tough time with Daniel Ahumada even though Lil Pete was the faster, and stronger fighter tonight. His win comes in by unanimous decision as well.


Christian ‘Chimpa’ Gonzalez (7-0, 7 KO’s) knocks out Santos Rosales in the first round by a huge body shot which brought Rosales to the canvas a minute into the fight as he would not be able to stand from the pain.


“Tonight was a great night for #TeamAzteca who proved once again that they have the ability to impress their fans by giving them what they want, great fights”, expressed Azteca Promotions CEO, Richard Mota. “This November we will be promoting a huge event which we are working together with Zanfer to bring all our fighters together in one big event out in Los Angeles”.  

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